Hello, nice to see you. My name is Adi Idham Siregar, you may call me Adi, Ed, Bang, Dek, or anything you'd like to say. What day is it today? What date is it now? Well, now I am sitting on my iron bench and a cup of steamy coffee flirts me. I got lots of questions and answers on my head, and I wonder how did I get them? I ever talked to birds and leaves, and people and books, maybe they came from them. Who knows? I am still wondering. A plenty of photo albums stand still beside me, I open them one by one, memories fly into my mind and breeze my heart, it was friday when all of these memories started to fit themselves in my brain. It was friday when I met 3 beautiful and cheerful, unpredictable, and also predictable, and talented women. 
It started on friday when laughs flew easily. It was friday when I said "This should be amazing" and yes it was and sure it will be more amazing!!! I hold a photo now, four of us wore a-blue-themed-outwear and a big pulp of sweat is there, on Desi's cheek, and here on my nose, I wipe it with my palm. The steam of my coffee still fulfills this garden - trying. I know it knows that it can't be happened, but yes "try" is a valuable word, since forever, since friday, and before it.  

Wearing a blue themed outwear

 I can hear the exact sound of Mbak Naey's laugh when I see this photograph, we wore pink cap with different flag and same word - deadly. Oh, I miss them badly, deadly, badly. This photograph convert it’s pixels into words and sounds. Birds are chirping, leaves are falling, branches are shaking, and the wind is blowing, but this voice won’t let my ears go away from itself. This iron bench never be this warm, and this warmness never be as warm as what we did together, it was not hot, and my thermometer can’t find the exact temperature, it was not 160° C like when I usually set my oven for baking cookies, and it’s also not 94° C like when I brewed this coffee. I move for an inch to re-comfort my spine and legs. Another photograph touches my fingers. I look into it and find Mbak Lia’s graduation moment, we bought 2 flower crowns and yes it was already placed on her head. I never knew the name of those flower. Aster? Daisy? Orchid? Poppy? But surely I knew she will love it, not because she loved the flower, but she loved us, and she knew we loved her! Oh, I forgot to eat these cookies, memories stay you awake, and memories drowned you alive.

I see me in another picture, on Friday, and another day. Well, I remember things I wrote on a paper, in my mind, and yes inside my heart. Times fly, steams fly, leaves fly, and this coffee is cold. I know lots of happiness always come with cloud and thunderstorm, and sadness come with sunshine and a cup of tea. So, why I need to get drowned and wondering where I got these questions? My questions vanished along with steams. And steams go away with sun. When you open one memory then a thousand memories will queue behind it.
I want to write this when I’m gone old, and shower myself with memories. Well, I made this a half way, and I will complete this mission. My armor and weapons packed in my backpack, missiles and supplies clearly saved in my pocket. I want to write this again in the future when this mission fully accomplished, maybe on Friday, with a cup of coffee besides me.

Adi Idham Siregar
IKYEP 2016

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